Friday, May 4, 2007

Another Opportunity

An exciting development
Downtown ballpark idea intrigues SAC coaches

From the article:

"There has been talk of justifying the high price tag of the project, especially a new baseball stadium, by making the facility available to other endeavors such as high school football, soccer and concerts. The multipurpose portion of the project should also include high school and amateur baseball, Bishop Luers coach Gary Rogers said."

"“I know people are saying negative things about it. But I think it will be a great thing. I wish it would have gone there a long time ago. I think it is a great idea. Once people found out what it is really about, it will change some minds about what Fort Wayne could be in a couple of years.”"

"Milledge said he has nothing against Memorial Stadium, which has been home to the Wizards since 1993. He said, though, there is just something about watching a baseball game with the skyline of a downtown peeking over the walls from outside the stadium."

"Postseason high school baseball in Fort Wayne could become more of a possibility at Harrison Square, the coaches said"


Anonymous said...

How about the opportunity to host the State Finals in Fort Wayne?

joe said...

That would be COOL. If not State finals then at least the semi-state.

Anonymous said...

And what will a new stadium downtown have over revising one at Memorial Park? If you think there is any chance of getting either semi's or state finals in Fort Wayne, what have you guys been smoking? John B. Kalb

Anonymous said...

JBK, if you dont know the answer to your stupid question. In the words of SYLVESTER!! "Good Grief!"