Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Candidate Update

It was the turnout

"Surprisingly low voter turnout – not necessarily public dissatisfaction with the smoking ordinance or Harrison Square project – was the biggest factor in determining the outcome of Tuesday’s primary, including Matt Kelty’s victory."

"The smoking ordinance and Harrison Square – both of which Kelty opposes – may well have played a part in the primary. But the part was probably a cameo; it would be unfair to say the election was a referendum on them. Had the opposition to either of the issues been as widespread as their critics contended, Tuesday’s primary would have seen a much stronger turnout, not the tepid numbers the polls recorded."

"As the only incumbent in the six-candidate field for three City Council at-large nominations, John Crawford’s third-place finish was surprising. Yet he was the most visible face behind the smoking ordinance. Tavern owners loudly called for their patrons to go to the polls and defeat Crawford, and the incumbent still won a nomination. And the second-place finisher, Liz Brown, also supports both the smoking law and Harrison Square. Consider that Bob Morris, who ran an effective campaign, finished fifth despite opposing both."

"In any event, both the smoking law and Harrison Square will most likely be even less influential in November. By then, the smoking ordinance will have been in effect for five months, and Harrison Square construction will have started. The November race between Kelty and Tom Henry will be more about the future, and the candidates will offer clear choices for city voters."

Kelty basks in victory; Peters shaken in defeat

"Kelty said he will unveil a more detailed platform in the future, including the organization of a group that will look at Harrison Square, outgoing Mayor Graham Richard’s $125 million-to-$160 million downtown revitalization project. The group, called Genesis Fort Wayne, is a volunteer committee that will study how to make the development more market-driven."

District incumbents expect tough races

"According to unofficial results, Pape took 78.7 percent of the vote, compared with Douglas Boren’s 21.3 percent. Schmidt won 68.5 percent, while Don Schaab took 31.5 percent.

Pape said his victory shows that voters are sophisticated enough to not vote strictly on specific issues. Pape supported the controversial Harrison Square project and the citywide smoking ban."

Incumbent Crawford eyes November rebound
Bender, Brown top GOP City Council at-large race

"“I knew I’d take some hits on smoking and Harrison Square.”

Crawford, a last-minute supporter of the downtown redevelopment project, was the key supporter of the ordinance that will outlaw smoking in most public places starting June 1."

"“Even though I had some name recognition from running for school board, I think people wanted a fresh face, someone who will make changes,” she said. Brown suspects her support for Harrison Square attracted, not repelled, voters. “The Republican Party needs to be for a strong economy and development. If you want to attract visitors, you need a united front,” she said."

Crawford survives ‘hit’ in GOP council contest

"Crawford’s primary victory comes despite authoring the city’s new smoking ban and voting in support of the controversial Harrison Square project. Both projects drew the ire of certain groups of residents, and Crawford believed they were reasons he finished third despite being the incumbent."


Joe said...

well, since Kelty won, looks like I'm voting for Tom Henry in November. Kelty is the WORST possible candidate for downtown development.

I guess there's more bible-thumping, ultra conservatives in Ft. Wayne than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Joe - Maybe, since you appear to be a Bible-needing, ultra liberal, you need to find a town better to your liking - Henry isn't going to help you - he belongs to the same faith that Kelty does.

Anonymous said...

He drew the ire of a majority on the HS issue - but that majority is of the feeling that the horse is already out - so why bother -we get another chance in November -when it will really count to correct things on the common council. John B. Kalb

Anonymous said...

Go John Go, if first you dont succeed try try again.

In the Fall, Crawford will finish FIRST, Pape will win in a landslide and Didier will do the same. So get use to it Jonny B.

Anonymous said...

The low voter turnout really shows the importance of voting. Now a mistake has been made, Peters the shoe-in as most people thought, shows that people need to get out to the polls. I for one, am against Matt Kelty, religion aside. We need to focus on downtown Fort Wayne. I graduate this December from college and the question is should I say in Fort Wayne. I guess November will be huge!


Anonymous said...

Matt Kelty's idea of downtown development: Build more churches!