Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Metropolitan Fort Wayne

WOWO's Pat White today mentioned that the downtown Holiday Inn hotel has been sold to "Metropolitan Hotel Group."

The hotel group's website provides these pictures of a "Fort Wayne Metropolitan" ...

A quick search leads to this site, which mentions that the current downtown Holiday Inn is "under contract."
The stayatthemetropolitan.com reservations page currently makes no mention of a Fort Wayne location.

However, the cached page does state, "Fort Wayne Metropolitan, Downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana (Coming Soon)"

What does this mean for Fort Wayne and Harrison Square?

Did the "Metropolitan Hotel Group" gain an interest in downtown Fort Wayne via current development initiatives?

Would a renovated and re-branded Holiday Inn create too much competition for the downtown market and Harrison Square's proposed Courtyard by Marriott?


Jeff Pruitt said...

Are they going to stick w/ their 60+% occupancy rates now?

Scott said...

As if they want that occupancy rate? This again shows your lack of business sense. Companies don't just buy an asset like this just because they feel like it. They do it because after a review of the market and potential, they feel that it is a good business decision. When will you people learn that business aren't that stupid?

Fetchy said...

Has anyone been in that hotel lately?

I think that it needs more than a renovation. Years of lack of upkeep have taken its toll on the building. The hotel, as it stands now, is not even an option for most meeting planners having conventions in town.

I think that the building is suited for a nice training burn for the local fire departments.