Friday, July 6, 2007

More On Hotel

(City of Fort Wayne)

Marriott Courtyard will anchor Harrison Square

"Yogesh Parikh, a board member from Azar Inc., said a Courtyard hotel is a middle-tiered hotel and should work well downtown.

“I think that will be a good fit for the convention center,” he said.

Parikh said he now will support using Grand Wayne money to subsidize the hotel."

"Grand Wayne officials have long argued that another downtown hotel is needed to help the convention center reach its potential. Richard said the Courtyard will do just that."

"Because property taxes paid by the hotel are being used to finance other public portions of Harrison Square, the amount the hotel is worth directly affects how much money is available for the rest of the project. City leaders have said Harrison Square cannot happen without a hotel."

"John Knight, president of the Hospitality Association of Northeast Indiana, said a downtown Courtyard is good news for the city. While he said it caters to business clients, it is comfortable enough for leisure customers as well."