Friday, October 19, 2007

DID's Dan Discovering Detroit

Downtown Improvement District president resigns

The Downtown Improvement District on Friday announced that its president, Dan Carmody, is resigning to become president of the Eastern Market Corp. in Detroit.

“We are disappointed to learn of Dan’s upcoming departure”, said Steve Brody, district board chairman, in a statement.

In his letter of resignation, Carmody said: “The work of building a solid foundation for the DID has been completed and I am confident that with outstanding Board leadership and the momentum that is building, both the DID and Downtown Fort Wayne are poised to flourish.”

DID's Dan Carmody taking position in Detroit

Dan Carmody, the well-respected head of Fort Wayne's Downtown Improvement District, has taken a position with Detroit's historic Eastern Market and will be leaving his position in Fort Wayne before the end of the year.

The Eastern Market is located within a mile of downtown Detroit. Mr. Carmody remarked that the Eastern Market draws nearly 30,000 visitors on a weekend.

He told FWOb this afternoon, "The opportunity was simply too compelling to really say no."

Mr. Carmody will not be entirely leaving Fort Wayne, though. His family will continue to reside here and he will be in the Summit City on weekends. As he jokingly remarked, "Fort Wayne will now be my lake home."

Godspeed, Dan. Thank you for your contributions to our city.


Rachel said...

Fort Wayne will miss Dan Carmody. He kick-started the Downtown Improvement District from what was a downtown cheerleader with little substance and action into a force for impact and improvement. I would love to have had him stick around for another 5 years or so for him to see some of his projects and initiatives come to life.

This is one of the hazards of a market Fort Wayne's size. So often the really good talent gets picked up to the next larger city.

Karen Goldner said...

I agree with Rachel. Dan has been an enormous asset to the community in just the short time he's been here. He has set a high bar for his replacement!