Monday, October 29, 2007

Pre-Square Street In Pictures

City immortalized
Fort Wayne natives' pictures tell street's story

It concerns us here because two men with Fort Wayne roots – brothers David and Peter Turnley – have presented us with this quandary in full with their new book of old photographs. And we, those of us in Fort Wayne, are forced to wrestle with these questions in a way that we would not had the brothers taken their pictures in Rome or Paris or even Cleveland or Chicago.

But they didn’t. They took them right here in Fort Wayne, in a four-block stretch of shabby lodging and life on McClellan Street 35 years ago, a neighborhood south of Jefferson Boulevard, north of the railroad viaduct and the Baker Street Station, a street tucked in between Webster and Ewing streets, a neighborhood long gone and about to become a small patch of the Harrison Square development.

In fact, the name of their book is “McClellan Street,” and it has just been published by the Indiana University Press with support from the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and the Institute for Advanced Study at Indiana University.