Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Condo Reservations Open Friday At 8AM

click image above to view press release (PDF)

Full text of the release:
"Ft. Wayne, IN– Chris Schoen, CEO of Harrison Square condominium/retail developer Barry Real Estate, will make an announcement on Thursday, November 29, that Harrison Square’s long awaited condos will open for reservations at 8 A.M. Friday morning, November 30. Schoen will make the announcement at Thursday’s ground-breaking ceremony for Harrison Square. “The Harrison” will feature 62 luxury residences starting in the $150,000’s, and the first person to submit a reservation will have the opportunity to select the first unit and put it under contract within a few weeks. The second person to submit a reservation will have second choice of units and so on.

South-facing units at the Harrison will feature views of the ball field and north-facing units will have a view of the downtown skyline. All units will have access to an indoor/outdoor roof deck overlooking the ballpark for game-day events and concerts. Condominium owners will also enjoy membership in the Wizards new field-level fitness center, where they can watch games through the glass outfield wall or workout with the team. The residents will have sole access to a secure underground parking garage where they will have dedicated spaces for their vehicles. Keycard access will also carry them directly to their floor. The residences will be positioned above approximately 24,000 square feet of retail that could include multiple restaurants, a drug store, coffee shop, wine bar and so on.

“The Harrison will become the destination address for Northeast Indiana,” said Bill Martin, President/CEO of Martin Goldstine Knapke. “The combination of amenities and proximity to the action will be unequaled across the country.”

To make reservations, interested parties should visit the office of Martin Goldstine Knapke located at 2020 E. Washington Boulevard, Suite 400, Fort Wayne, Indiana (located at the southeast corner of Grant Street and E. Washington Boulevard, one block east of South Anthony Boulevard). For directions or questions, please contact Mike Brita at (260) 467-1400. Reservations consist of a $1000 fully-refundable deposit and an agreement that will ask prospective tenants to indicate their preference among available units.

Units at The Harrison will feature hard surface countertops, stone floors in the bathrooms, wood flooring in the common spaces, Grabill cabinets, 9’8’’ ceilings, and stainless steel fixtures. Every unit will be pre-wired for FiOS (HDTV and high-speed Internet). Call Martin Goldstine Knapke for samples of condo finishes and unit pricing.

The condominiums are part of a much larger mixed-use environment that will also include approximately 24,000 square feet of retail, a new downtown ball park for the Wizards, a two-acre public park that will include a small amphitheatre for outdoor concerts and a water park, and a 900 space parking garage complete with a 7,000 square foot conference center overlooking the right field wall. Above the conference center, there will be a party deck with approximately 500 stadium seats reminiscent of the Wrigley rooftops in Chicago."


Luke said...

Grabill Cabinets---what a nice touch.

This is a boring town. I REALLY hope they do this right.

Anonymous said...

Bill Martin: "The combination of amenities and proximity to the action will be unequaled across the country."

Proving once again that there is no lie too great for the supporters of this project. I hear property values at the Trump Towers, on Worth Avenue, across from Central Park, and throughout Aspen and Malibu, are plummetting, as the well-heeled, jet-setting crowd prepares to pounce upon the "unequaled" action of single A baseball ($1 beer Tuesdays and free bobble head nights) and the "unequaled" amenties of a $150,000, 800 square foot condo (with Grabill cabinets!)within walking distance of Powers Hanmburgers and a Marriot Courtyard.

Would someone please remind me why such "unequaled" luxury housing required and recieved a public subsidy equal to about 30-35 percent of the project cost?

Mark Garvin

R. Mike said...

A boring town becomes less boring when boring people stop being bored.

Joe said...

Mark Garvin...this is a START for making our town/downtown more exciting. People can't seem to get that through their heads. If you want to compare us to New York City, Chicago, even Indy, we will never be those cities, so why even do it?

Anonymous said...

I think it is great that Mark is comparing us to New York (where, by the way, condos are STILL selling for $5 million PLUS), Aspen and Malibu.

it shows he is finally getting it- we will be a world class city when Harrison Square starts to work its magic by building a stronger downtown.

Anonymous said...

Mark Garvin is Correct. How many have been sold? ZERO. And how many of these Harrison Square loyalists have put their money where their small minds are??? ZERO
Harrison Square is a waste of tax payer dollars. Wake up, people.

Anonymous said...

Small minds?
It takes small minds to not think outside of the box and continue to stay the course of not investing in the heart of the city.

What do u think are the odds of all condos sold out within a month?

Within a week?

Anonymous said...

Yes, zero have been sold so far. That's because reservations haven't opened up yet.

But wait! Look at that, the title of the post says condo reservations open Friday at 8AM. Reading is great.

Anonymous said...

Repeating...Time will tell that sophisticated shoppers will not shell out $150,000 for a 800 s.f. crackerbox at the "Harrison". Following the "ground breaking" on Friday, we'll just see how many of these local Harrison Square loyalists and vested interests shell out their OWN money for these hyped-up crackerboxes. Mark Garvin is well-versed and educated on the white elephant mentality that has taken over city hall.

Anonymous said...

.."we'll just see how many of these local Harrison Square loyalists and vested interests shell out their OWN money.."

This morning's news said there are over 200 people on a waiting list for 62 units.

You are correct. We'll see soon.

Jeff Pruitt said...

I don't think they'll struggle to fill 62 units...

Dave MacDonald said...

"This morning's news said there are over 200 people on a waiting list for 62 units."

In today's News-Sentinel Jim Irwin, the onsite retail/housing director for Atlanta-based Barry Real Estate Companies is quoted saying, “We have a waiting list of more than 160 people (who have expressed interest).”

If Mr. Irwin is referring to submissions received from the Wizard's website, we're not talking about a waiting list of buyers (see here). I guess you could say that I'm "interested" as a concerned citizen and taxpayer. And yet, I have no intent to purchase one of the condos.

Joe said...

It was a smart idea to build a fairly small condo complex (Only 62 units). They should fill up fairly quickly. Keep doubting everything, people. You are showing your ignorance.