Saturday, November 17, 2007

Keep An Eye On The Square

Harrison Square Project Cam
Link (INC)

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Eric White said...

Nice title for your post. This should be fun to watch!

Karen Goldner said...

On the INC website it says there is a 60 minute time lapse. Do they mean 60 seconds or is it really an hour?

Thanks for posting this, by the way. But now I will not be able to get the James Bond theme song out of my head and it will be your fault, Spaulding brothers.

John B. Kalb said...

Karen - It's "updated" once every hour - once every 60 seconds would be massive overkill [is that an example of alliteration ? - you know kill(er) and (over)kill ?] John B. Kalb
PS: I wish you good luck to come out ok on the recount. You & I didn't agree on HS but I like your take on the proper use of tax abatements - even tho Don and I were on the same side on HS, living where I do, I couldn't vote for either of you. I believe you will allow the council to retain the investigative, logical, and compilative characteristics that will be lost with Dr. Crawford's departure. ie - I like the way you think, even when we don't agree. John

Karen Goldner said...

Thanks, John.

And that does make sense about updating every hour. When the Coliseum's roof was being raised I actually stared at the webcam for a few minutes, waiting to see something move. Then it finally occurred to me that I would have to look every few hours to see a change.

Yeah, not the brightest bulb in the box.