Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Search Continues

DID not in a rush to select new president
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"The Downtown Improvement District may be ready to narrow its list of candidates to replace Dan Carmody.

The deadline to apply for the top job at Fort Wayne’s downtown business advocacy and development organization was Dec. 1. A search committee planned to narrow the list of candidates to about six to research further.

Ideally, a new president will be in place sometime in February. But the organization is in no hurry to fill the position, said DID marketing director Mike Waskiewicz, who is helping run the group until a new president is hired.

Waskiewicz said it could be three to six months or longer before a replacement is found."
"Carmody said DID board chair Steve Brody is screening résumés and forwarding them to him for opinions. Carmody said in late November that eight résumés had passed the initial screening and were from a combination of local and out-of-town candidates.

Carmody is researching the background of the finalists, especially those who are not from Fort Wayne.

“We will make a decision if the pool of candidates is strong enough to interview,” Carmody said. “We would like to fill the position as soon as possible. We want to find someone that meets (the board’s) expectations.”

The last time the position was open, the DID used a search firm and it took nine months before Carmody was hired. That included a job offer that a different candidate declined, extending what should have been a six-month search, Brody said.

This time, the DID board decided to conduct a conventional search first before hiring a search firm, Brody said.

“It’s possible if we don’t see the results from this approach in the next 30 to 45 days we may use the services of a search firm,” he said.

So far, several candidates have been excluded because they do not have the specialized skills needed to run the organization, Brody said.

“We received a lot of résumés from people who have good generalist experiences, but this is more focused,” he said."


Pat said...

Nothing against Dan Carmody, but being the President of DID has got to be one boring job. Besides being a glorified party mom for downtown parties (whoopee!), not much to do day in and day out eight hours per day. No authority to spend tax dollars except the annual $600,000 DID budget, most of it wasted on salaries. Do we really need a DID? With all the various committees and organizations we already have? Why not have a bureacrat already on the public dole within the City of FW, maybe the economic dev dept, throw the parties? Use the $600,000 of taxpayers money saved for some real high impact use, like better road systems, or a reserve for unknown problems, costs, etc. for Harrison Square? Mayor-elect Tom Henry had a good idea regarding merging and consolidationg some of the numerous economic development organizations, too many chiefs, too many indians, too much wasting of taxpayers money, too much overlap, too much confusion. Regarding Dan's decision to leave after only two years in the job, I don't blame him for putting out a job search so soon, he must have been bored out of his mind. And his decision to commute to his new Detroit job is a wise one too for the family, though the eyebrows of the Detroit taxpayers may be raised wondering why their city is not good enough for Dan and his family to live there (in the CITY, not the suburbs like Birmingham Hills). Taxpayers money is going to Dan's salary and he is spending in Fort Wayne. I don't blame him though, do you? You'd have to live in a your vehicle, a tank.