Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ideas For Consideration

Here is a list of features, amenities, design elements, etc, to think about in the new downtown ballpark development. Some of these items are already included in the current design, but it's good to have these laid out regardless, as a sort of basic framework for a successful development.

  • Focus on 'ballpark' or 'field', as opposed to 'stadium'
  • Cohesion with surrounding neighborhoods, architecture, and community
  • Investigate use of 'green roofing' for entire development and put importance on implementing trees and plants throughout for a park-like feel
  • Open-air ballpark, including wrap-around concourse that offers view of playing field from any point
  • Street-level entrances, with playing field placed below street level
  • Seating placed as close to the action as possible, ideally with the first row of seats placed at field level
  • Ideally, have all fixed seats on the lower level and only luxury suites in the upper deck
  • Grass berm seating for families and casual fans
  • Party deck for groups with picnic tables, etc
  • Local food options in ballpark
  • Residential units, rooftop restaurants and bars overlooking ballpark
  • Restaurant(s) and retail embedded into design that are open year-round
  • Free wireless Internet access throughout ballpark

Feel free to leave any comments about things you'd like to see or to discuss the items listed here


ChadGramling said...

Great blog you have created. I have blogrolled you at Look forward to watching the site progress as this project moves forward.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I have some questions about some of the ideas listed:

How many luxury suites would we need? How many do we use at our current stadium? Are we sure that corporate sponsors would use these suites?

I especially like the "wireless" idea. I do not run around with a laptop; however, a lot of epoeple do!

The best place I ever have watched a baseball game is in Kansas City. The fountains in the outfield are great...

Mike Sylvester

scott said...


There are currenly 8 luxury suites at Memorial Stadium, but I don't know what their usage statistics are. The amount of luxury suites for a new stadium depends on a couple of factors. One of these factors is league membership, and if the Wizards were to move up to AA from low-level single A, there are certain expectations for AA ballparks in terms of seating and luxury suites. Presumably, then, there would be more than 8 luxury suites in a new downtown ballpark. Another factor is team affiliation. The Wizards are currently affiliated with the San Diego Padres and the distance between the proposed downtown stadium and Petco Park in San Diego is 1,850 miles away. If the Wizards were to affiliate with a team that is geographically closer to Fort Wayne, fans would be more likely to be interested in seeing Wizards players move up to local MLB teams, driving demand for tickets and likewise luxury suites. Basically, a more prominent Wizards team is a more interesting and desirable team to watch. We plan on covering the topics of league membership and team affiliation in separate posts on the blog in the near future.

Joe said...

Couple of other thoughts that I have...

1. Daktronics digital scoreboard and Daktronics Jumbotron.

2. I would HATE to see a gazillion ad banners on the outfield fence like Memorial Stadium! A couple would be ok (maybe award these to the higest bidder?), but for the most part how bout a nice green outfield fence!

Joe said...

Scott S./Brian, do either of you happen to know what type of grass will be planted for the field? It seems it doesn't take many games for the MS field to start showing wear and needing sod replaced. My alma mater Purdue recently installed a new "colder weather" resistant bermudagrass to their football field. Maybe this is something that Harrison Square should consider, since bermuda can withstand more wear and tear better. Just a thought.

Joe said...

Here's an article in reference to my previous comment. Hope this link works.