Friday, February 23, 2007

Interview with Hardball Capital CEO Jason Freier

A DFWB Exclusive

We recently had the opportunity to ask Jason Freier, CEO of Hardball Capital, some questions about the Wizards and Harrison Square.

Hardball Capital acquired the Fort Wayne Wizards last year and also stands as the private investor at the forefront of the Harrison Square mixed-use downtown revitalization project.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Why Hardball chose the Wizards and Fort Wayne
  • What Hardball's vision is for the Wizards and Harrison Square
  • Ballpark features, amenities, and design elements
  • Community utilization of development during non-game days
  • Local business opportunities
  • Retail and condo development
Click the link below to read the interview:
DFWB Interview with Jason Freier (PDF)

Enjoy! Feel free to post any comments, opinions, or responses here!


Angry White Boy said...

I'd like to get a text or word document of this interview. How do I get one?

Anonymous said...

Edit - select all - copy - then paste it into a different text document.

Anonymous said...

Wow, angry white boy actually left commented.