Wednesday, March 28, 2007

City Council Presentations

The Councilmen's presentations from last night's City Council meeting are now available online!

Click the pictures below to view the slideshow for each presentation.


Anonymous said...

Again, something the "old media" cannot provide to those that weren't able to attend the meeting.

This is great.

Anonymous said...

I AGREE - I could not write fast enough last night. Thanks so very much!!!! John K.

Change Fort Wayne said...

Yes, exactly what we need careful contemplation. More commissioned studies and surveys.

I vote for another twenty years of contemplation.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I did not attend the event since there are still no final numbers available for any part of the project.

Mike Sylvester

Anonymous said...

If Shoaff and Smith get their way we will have 4 more years worth of Sharettes (No idea how you spell this word) and do nothing.

Chris W.

Anonymous said...

How dare Shoaff back up his arguments with economic studies, unbiased reports, and other fancy book learnin'.


Joe S. said...

I didn't know where to write it, but I just wanted to comment on what a great blog this is. I'm glad I found it. Whoever runs it you are doing a great job posting stories from media sources. A lot of the time info is posted on here that you won't see in the media! Guess it just shows the new direction that the media industry is going!

scott said...


We're glad you find the blog useful and informative. That is our goal. Thanks for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...


Shoaf had "proof" in these fancy books that Sports venues have had only diminimus economic impact in Indianapolis. I wonder if this same expert opines that Disney has had not meaningful impact in Orlando?

Kent W.

Anonymous said...

Disney = single A ballpark?

Jeff Pruitt said...

Slide 15 shows 200 events per year. I wonder if Hardball Capital knows that the city is actively COMPETING w/ them?

I'm staring at a contract the city partially paid for to try and find uses for Memorial Stadium in the event a stadium is built downtown. These alternate uses are in direct competition with what the Hardball Capital group said they want to do w/ the Harrison Square stadium.

Here's an excerpt from the contract given to the CSL consulting group:

"Various potential stadium renovation and reconfiguration alternatives will be discussed, providing feedback related to a number of potential development scenarios. In addition, survey participants will be asked to assess their interest in utilizing Memorial stadium as opposed to the proposed new downtown ballpark."

Is Hardball Capital aware of this consulting contract? Why in the world would the city be spending $30 Million on a new stadium only to try and find ways that the old stadium can compete w/ the new one? Here are some of the potential uses cited in the contract:

-Development of a hybrid sports/amphitheater venue
-Reconfigured baseball stadium that could also accommodate other sports such as football, soccer and lacrosse
-Fort Wayne Fever Soccer
-Local collegiate athletics

I think those of us that attended the YLNI panel discussion remember Hardball Capital talking about these very same uses for Harrison Square. Thus, the reuse of Memorial Stadium would DIRECTLY compete w/ Harrison Square. While I'm not the biggest supporter of the Harrison Square project, I certainly don't think the city should be financing it's construction while simultaneously undermining it's potential use...

Anonymous said...

Has Geoff Paddock weighed in on the Easter egg hunt issue? I know all the studies show that Easter egg hunts done at a "sort of" downtown location do not have the catalyst, trendy urban nightlife creating, effect of Easter egg hunts held at a true downtown multi-use baseball park, but that plan will pretty much gut April's calendar at Headwaters Park.

Change Fort Wayne said...

Shree -

I sat here and thought for about 5 minutes about how I could use tact to retort your sarcastic remark, but why waste it.

I'll just give myself a shameless plug and list:

Look how Shoaff leads off "Its time to temper our exuberance with careful contemplation" There some big words in there - translation "calm our enthusiasm" or I'll do you one better - "sit around and think about it until we don't care about it anymore"

I dont know about you Shree, I'm tired of contemplating.

If we keep tempering our exuberance for the next twenty years, will we have any exuberance left?