Friday, May 11, 2007

Candidate Update

Nelson Peters Speaks Candidly About Mayoral Primary Loss

"[Peters] conceded republicans who support the Harrison Square project might find it difficult to back Kelty in November, considering Kelty was very much against the baseball stadium project."

"Peters, however, acknowledged Kelty's position is popular with voters and said there seemed to be an obsession with the issue, even though it was decided before voters ever went to the polls. "

We have a race
The nature and role of government will be the focus of the November mayoral contest

"Consider the differences in the three men’s views of Harrison Square. Kelty says flatly it represents “government at its worst.” His approach to economic development would be to cut red tape and make government friendlier to businesses and developers, not to seek ever more ways to become their partners. Henry says Harrison Square, “in its totality, is a very good thing for downtown,” and he is enthusiastic about similar ventures. Peters, representing the “moderate wing” of the county GOP, tried to split the difference. He was for the project overall, but thought its centerpiece ought to be something other than a relocated baseball stadium. In the end, he seemed trying to court the anti-Harrison Square sentiment by calling for a referendum. That left many saying it was hard to determine exactly where he stood. There will be no such lack of clarity in November. There will be clear and distinct differences in programs and visions for the voters to consider.

It is difficult to say how much effect Harrison Square and the coming harsher smoking ban – the two hot-button issues this season – had on the race. They probably played a role, but not as much as many might have predicted. Some voters surely picked Kelty because of his early and strong denunciations of both plans, but they didn’t punish any of the council candidates who were for them."

Outsider wins over GOP
Slim turnout, wedge issues carried Kelty past Peters

"City Councilman John Crawford, R-at large, agreed that the poor turnout helped Kelty. Crawford said Kelty was able to spur blocks of voters to the polls by taking stances on wedge issues like Harrison Square and by gaining the endorsement of abortion-rights opponents and pro-family groups, which appeal to staunch Republican voters."

City mayoral contest not for faint of wallet
Experts say it might take $500,000 to win

"Fort Wayne City Councilman John Crawford, R-at large, said it is too early to know whether Peters’ backers will support a Kelty campaign. He questioned whether many business leaders who supported the downtown Harrison Square initiative would be willing to give money to one of the project’s most vocal critics."


Anonymous said...

Nelson misses one big point. Voter turnout may have cost him BUT his dismal campaign led to the low voter turnout. He failed to make anybody care enough to show up.

Anonymous said...

Nelson's comment about Republicans not supporting Kelty in the fall if they are excited about moving our baseball stadium - Other than Dr. Crawford and Tom Didier (and I guess the "Republican in name only, Sam, Jr.) what other Republican is excited about this event? John B. Kalb

Anonymous said...

My god John B. How far up your rear is your head embedded? You are a fool John B. Kalb. Why dont you start organizing for the fall election, so you can get the other crumudgeons mobilized.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope that Ed. is NOT one of the sponsers of this blog, because I have thought a lot of good about them. Assuming Ed. is someone else, Ed. are you one of these Republicans or are you just blowing off? John B. Kalb (By the way, I am seeing lots of light - so my head must not be where you think it is - cause it would be very dark there.

Anonymous said...

I am a republican and I will NOT be supporting Kelty in the fall. I have been talking with several folks who feel the same way, and yes, they too are republicans.