Thursday, May 3, 2007

Core Tech

Technology revitalizing urban areas
Broadband seen as way to link neighborhoods

From the article:

"Broadband Internet will complement efforts to create pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, an urban planner told a crowd of more than 60 Monday at Grand Wayne Center."

"Duany helped found Miami-based urban planning Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co. to design projects that discourage suburban sprawl. The firm is a leader in new urbanism, an architectural movement that seeks to revitalize urban areas by creating neighborhoods complete with homes, shops and entertainment."

"Before World War II, suburban sprawl was not a major problem. Neighborhoods contained a diverse mixture of homes and businesses. New urbanism is based on that approach to city planning, but it incorporates whatever modern technology is the most practical for residents, he said."

"This neighborhood structure can combat the drawbacks of Internet usage, Duany said. Instead of sitting in a room alone with the computer, residents in new urbanist developments are more likely to walk to local shops and talk to their neighbors."


Anonymous said...

This gets harder to believe each day - How could our common council ever approve the set-aside of funds and the extension of the Jefferson Illinois EDA based on the little they know about this group from Atlanta ? I'm sure happy that council gets to look at this down the road - hopefully before our administration "sells us down the Maumee without a paddle". John B. Kalb

Anonymous said...

John, aren't you supposed to be out rallying the voters to vote against Crawford and Pape? I thought that was your gameplan. I figured you would be out going door to door in this beautiful weather.

You should have run for City Council. I can see your signs right now "John B. Kalb for City Council" Paid for and Authorized by Citizens for the Status Quo.

Anonymous said...

I am supposed to be and I am. Look for our signs on Tuesday morning at each polling place. John B. Kalb