Thursday, May 17, 2007

North River Update

Neighbors offer N. River vision

"The North River Task Force Wednesday gathered input from residents of the Bloomingdale and Spy Run neighborhoods on how they think 29 acres of land – and the surrounding area – should be developed."

"About 20 residents attended the meeting, and they offered numerous ideas, including an Olympic-sized natatorium and an aquarium."

"While most of the residents said developing the area would increase property values and encourage investment in the neighborhoods, they did express concerns about increased traffic and taxes. Suggestions were given to expand Fourth Street to four lanes, extend Spring Street to Spy Run Avenue and add a lane to Clinton Street to alleviate traffic concerns."

"Three meetings have been scheduled in June to give the community at large a chance to offer ideas for the area, he said. At those meetings, residents will be given not only the opportunity to brainstorm, but also the task of prioritizing ideas for the land. "

City staff, residents mull 29-acre purchase
North River Task Force will see all ideas from sessions

"The meeting was the first of its kind for city residents to weigh in on the best uses of the land, the positive and negative impacts a new development might have and whether the river should be incorporated into whatever is built at the site. Wednesday’s meeting was for residents of the neighborhoods that sit adjacent to the property, but brainstorming sessions open to the entire city are scheduled in June."

"All the ideas from the meeting will be compiled and taken to the May 24 meeting of the North River Task Force, the group assembled by Mayor Graham Richard with the charge of studying and developing a plan for the property. The task force is about 20 days into its 120-day time frame."

City studying condition of OmniSource site

"A former scrap-metal processing facility, the 29-acre OmniSource site at one time was the home of underground storage tanks containing hazardous chemicals. Those tanks have been removed and the site was sufficiently cleaned to gain the state’s approval. But city staff will conduct more studies before the property’s purchase is finalized."

"A task force is meeting to find potential uses for the property, and an aquatic center, water park and ice rinks already have been discussed as possibilities in downtown development plans. The group’s next meeting is May 24 near the OmniSource site. Public meetings are planned through the spring and summer. A final recommendation from the group is expected about late August."

Community Input Sessions (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

North River Purchase Options Map (PDF)

North River 100 Year Flood Map (PDF)

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