Friday, May 25, 2007

WOWO Candidate Discussion

Pat Miller filled in for Pat White today on the Pat White Show on WOWO. Pat spent a good amount of time talking about Matt Kelty's funding issue and spoke with Republican Party head Steve Shine, Democratic head Kevin Knuth, and Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics front-man and Allen County Election Board member Andy Downs.

The following is an excerpt of the show that took place after the discussions with the above mentioned persons. It includes a call-in session from listeners and some commentary from Pat Miller in which he mentions the Zogby poll that was commissioned to gauge voter response to Harrison Square and the then primary race between Matt Kelty and Nelson Peters. (Duration - 11:04)

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They are still not saying what all needs to be said is that all these donations are backed by religious right organizations. He needed the money but Right to life could not give it to his campaign, because it was more than $2000. So they gave it to Rost and Rost gave it to Kelty. I bet if you investigated Right To Life organization you will find a check for $150,000 to Rost or to Kelty. will be running soon!!