Sunday, June 24, 2007

Downtown Pow-Wow

City, county partner for downtown forums

"The city of Fort Wayne and Allen County have formed a partnership to meet with developers on a monthly basis to discuss and answer questions about downtown development ideas.

The first meeting will be held at 3 p.m. Tuesday on the eighth floor of the City-County Building. Those interested in renovating a downtown building or constructing a new facility downtown are encouraged to attend to learn more about the process for downtown development and redevelopment.

The Allen County Building Department, Fort Wayne Fire Department, Allen County Board of Health, City Land Use Management, City Redevelopment, City Right of Way and City Utilities will participate in the meetings.

The Downtown Improvement District and the Fort Wayne-Allen County Economic Development Alliance also are supporting the meetings.

The monthly forum complements the city's Downtown Blueprint plan to revitalize the downtown."


Scott Greider said...

Can't make the first one, but I'll be at any future ones.

Joe said...

I have one thing to say...DOWNTOWN BUFFALO WILD WINGS (BDUBS). I guarantee it would be a success!

Scott said...

Great Joe. Just what we need. Another chain restaurant in Fort Wayne. That sure would make our economy grow. And just think how many local restaurants we could put out of business because of it. Awesome idea!

Joe said...

lol!! Is that you John?