Monday, June 4, 2007

Good Practice

If you pick a theme, stick with it.

Images from Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers.


Karen said...

Comerica Park is definitely a great ballpark. Even in average seats, you feel very close to the field - much closer than you actually are.

When we went to a game a couple of summers ago, it was really convenient to be able to park downtown, go to the game, and then walk around to see downtown and find a place to eat.

Jeff Pruitt said...

just don't walk too far from the stadium...

Karen said...

Surprisingly we didn't have any trouble, although that might be reflective of our friend's knowledge of city who was guiding us around.

Great tour guides, like figure skaters, make it all seem effortless. :-)

And I had meant to mention my previous experience at the OLD Tigers Stadium (circa 1990) - most of the game my eyes were riveted to the ceiling, looking at the patches of broken concrete, and hoping that more wasn't going to fall out that day. THAT did NOT make a good impression! (babba boom)