Monday, June 18, 2007

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Revitalize downtown with casino, park

Letters to the editor

See "Stadium boondoggle"


ROACH said...

hmmm. lets eee- I recall I said something about downtown Reno Nevada; a few years ago.
Reno is a city demographically similar to FTW, with nominal manufacturing ; service based economy- All their downtown development is paid by the private sector.

I was the first to start drumming up Vegas style casino gambling downtown. to set the facts straight.
I'm sick and tired of plaigerizers stealing credit for my ideas, and taking the credit for themselves.
The facts are the facts-
Roach was talking up downtown casion development first!
We already had downtown casion gambling, back in the day, when we also had rail service- PRR; NYC; NPR; and so on- 30's-40's. before the bible thumpers kiled the economy with prohibition, etc..
We also had a vibrant nightlife- clubs, and women on every corner...

Joe said...

A downtown casino is one of the worst ideas ever. Crime typically follows Casinos. Imagine this scenario: Person making at or above minimum wage has a gambling problem or has had one in the past. New casino opens up in Ft. Wayne and this is great for them! They gamble away their paychecks compulsively and now need money = Crime!