Friday, June 29, 2007

Local Opinion

Revitalize city to attract workers

"The Harrison Square project deserves the support of our community. With the new library open and drawing crowds of people, Grand Wayne Center pulling in conventions and meetings, several new restaurants opening – we are starting to achieve some momentum. Harrison Square will keep the energy building."

"The Harrison Square project represents another critical element in our effort to energize and reinvent our city. We can’t afford to let this one get away from us."

Daily Rant

"Now that the City Council has forced the Harrison Square project on us, I say let's do something with it that will actually attract families. (Baseball's not big enough.) A good size rollercoaster beyond the stadium and other littler rides surrounding it. If you build this, they will all come."


ROACH said...

want to attract workers? SHOW THEM THE MONEY!!!
College educated persons will leave FTW as long as the businesses dont respect the earnings premium of College degrees vs HS diplomas, and dropouts.
Local Businesses pay all the above the same.
Why burn up $40,000 at IPFW, when theres no respect for the educational premium? and its getting to be the same nationwide- all the best jobs are going overseas in the global economy.

Las Vegas is growing- and not from annexation book-cooking, either- its net influx, and even Vegas casino operators are expanding to Macau, and other prime overseas gambling meccas.

As long as the tiny minded folk, here in FTW continue in charge, we will continue to all starve.
So Mr. Wartell? what do we have to show for all those 43,000 ipfw braniacs you say you graduated here? Where is the payoff?
frickin genius..