Friday, June 15, 2007

Unwitting Destruction

Crash speeds eatery’s removal
Already slated to be demolished for project

"Damage to a building destined for demolition for the Harrison Square project will force the city to alter its plans slightly but isn’t expected to create undue burden."

"Greg Leatherman, deputy director of development, said it would have been better for the crash to not have occurred, even though it damaged a building to be removed. He said the city planned to remove the buildings along Jefferson Boulevard after demolishing most of the other structures on the Harrison Square property."

"Fort Wayne Neighborhood Code told Leatherman on Thursday that the building was stable enough to not need immediate demolition. This will allow the city to take bids on the work and hire a contractor, which could take until mid-July, he said. With the crash, the building could be the first to be demolished, Leatherman said."