Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Decision Time

City says hotel data set for board review

"Fort Wayne officials are confident they will be able to present final details for a new downtown hotel by Friday, in time for the vote on whether to provide Harrison Square $2.5 million from Grand Wayne Center."

"The Grand Wayne board Friday delayed voting on the proposal until information on the hotel could be provided, specifically what brand of Marriott hotel it will be. The board will meet again Friday morning to discuss the issue."

"Mayor Graham Richard said Monday that he is hopeful agreements with Acquest Realty Advisors and White Lodging Services Corp., the hotel developers, along with Hardball Capital, the owner of the Fort Wayne Wizards, can be completed this week."

"He said the negotiations with Hardball were further along than those with the hotels, but the city wants to present final agreements with both companies to the City Council next week."


LP Mike Sylvester said...

This is the same plan they planned on having done by May 31st?

Mike Sylvester