Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Suites Taken Two Years Out

Suite life popular for Harrison Square
If more suites are added, Atlanta-based owners would pay for them.

"Luxury suites are full at the proposed baseball stadium within the Harrison Square complex. In fact, the city will likely push to add some more."

"“We believe the demand is there for more (suites),” Freier said, “and any additional suites would be at our expense.”"

"Holding the stadium to Class AA standards does not indicate any future change in the franchise's status as a Class A team in the Midwest League.

“It needs to be a first-class facility so we aren't limiting ourselves,” Freier said. “There are a lot of very good facilities in Class A. We just want to make sure we take this a level or even a level and a half above that standard.”"

"Brody said it would likely be two months or more before a decision on naming rights is made public."

Related Story: The Journal Gazette is reporting that "... the numbers don’t include an estimated $500,000 in additional investment from Hardball Capital to increase the number of luxury suites from 12 to 16. With the increase, Hardball would provide $5.5 million toward the stadium."


John B. Kalb said...

And Hardball gets ALL the income from these - what a great thing for the taxpayers! More stuff to spread of the farmers field! John B. Kalb

brian said...


We've heard complaints that Hardball hasn't spent enough money.

Now that they are investing another $500,000 due to high demand for the suites from local businesses..... more complaining.

Scott said...

Not exactly.

The city does get part of the Naming Rights and Part of the Performance Licensing fees. Which, by the way, is a better deal than at MS. At MS the county had to pay for the entire stadium, plus all maintenance and operating costs. All the while, the owners received all of the profits. At least in the HS situation the city would get some money back.

Joe said...
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John B. Kalb said...

The party is over - last one out, please turn out the lights. These suites will be very empty -and will be "virtual". John B. Kalb

Jeff Pruitt said...

Since many local business leaders championed the idea the least they could do is pony up for some suites - I'm glad to hear they're doing so...

Joe said...
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LP Mike Sylvester said...

I certainly agree that this is the only good Harrison Square news that I have heard in a long time.

I agree that having the suites sold out is a good thing and the fact they they are considering adding 4 more suites at a cost of $500,000 not paid by the taxpayer is a good thing.

Everything else that has come out has meant either less private investment or more public subsidy.

Mike Sylvester

Kevin said...

Red Alert to all Harrison Square opponents- another government give-away is in the making:

According to a Kevin Leininger story in yesterday's News Sentinel a new development is being planned near the airport expressway.

From the story:

"Foss said he is negotiating with the city to provide sewer and water service to the area, and may ask the county to create a special taxing district that could pay for roads, lights and other physical improvements in the area."

All this after TAXPAYERS paid for the airport exressway.

Where is the outrage?

LP Mike Sylvester said...


This is a year in the future and NO DETAILS have been released...

Just because I oppose Harrison Square does not mean that I oppose all developments!

Mike Sylvester

John B. Kalb said...

Kevin - I also do not oppose all development but I am opposed to moving the baseball stadium to downtown. It also strikes me that our development people pushing development way out there are working against the "downtown" redevelopment push - aren't they? John B. Kalb

Kevin said...


You have REPEATEDLY said you do NOT want the government subsidizing developers.

Now you say you support some development.


Angry White Boy said...

Roads, utilities and infrastructure are the responsibility of local government.

It's why the landowners pay "property taxes".

Of course that doesn't apply if you live in Aboite township, where I have a chip and seal road, a septic tank and a well, and no street lights.