Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Whipping Boy Revived

Downtown Parking Concerns

"One of Downtown's largest events, the Three Rivers Festival, is just days away.

Last year, nearly 200,000 people attended.

"I was not aware of any parking issues at all. The parking here in Fort Wayne is mostly paid parking. It's very reasonably priced compared to other events I've been involved with," says Shannon White of the Three Rivers Festival."

"Roughly 90 parking spaces in one lot, coupled with nearly 80 spaces in a neighboring lot mean downtown Fort Wayne stands to lose roughly 200 parking spaces as construction for the Harrison Square Project moves forward."

"A meeting held Tuesday identified possible solutions, including opening up the lots of Lincoln Financial and the Library after business hours."

Parking Management Report - Executive Summary (PDF)
Whipping Boys Lashes Undeserved


LP Mike Sylvester said...

Anyone who thinks Fort Wayne has a parking problem needs to travel to other cities and spend some time downtown.

Fort Wayne actually has too much parking downtown...

MIke Sylvester

Change Fort Wayne said...

Have we already forgotten about the parking garage being built?