Monday, September 17, 2007

From Plan Commission

Public Hearing on an Amendment to the City of Fort Wayne Comprehensive Plan

"An amendment to the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Fort Wayne and Allen County (Plan-it Allen) to add the Around the Square Sub-Area Plan"

View the updated version of the Around the Square plan (23 pgs, PDF)

Russell Garriott spoke as the staff member representing the City on the plan. Garriott said the plan is meant to be a land use document, guiding future land use decisions in the study area that focuses on mixed use development, housing stabilization and historic preservation, and gateway enhancements.

The proposed CM5C zoning (Neighborhood Commercial Corridor Zoning) was said to benefit both the Wells and Broadway corridors as well as other historically significant commercial corridors in the city.

The R1 designation on the plan was said to be for the stabilization of the core's remaining housing area, providing a unique housing option in downtown that helps to provide a diversity of housing in the downtown area.

The gateway enhancements were said to be tied to a forthcoming traffic circulation study that is included as part of Harrison Square.

As for the proposed historic designation changes, it was noted that not all houses were considered viable for historic designation.

A final note was made that the Downtown Improvement District supports the Around the Square plan.