Sunday, September 16, 2007

Iconic Upkeep

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Courthouse needs fixes on exterior
Commissioners reserve money to mend water-damaged stone

"After an $8.6 million renovation on the inside a decade ago, the Allen County Courthouse is on the verge of receiving some much-needed exterior maintenance.

Although the previous renovation work focused on preserving murals and artwork inside the building, this project would focus on the limestone and granite that form the 105-year-old building. The limestone blocks and the mortar that holds those blocks together have deteriorated in places during the historic building’s long reign in downtown Fort Wayne."

"Bloom and members of the trust want to repair the mortar where it has weathered away to prevent water from seeping in between the huge limestone blocks. Over time, that water could damage the stone or even seep into the building."

"“It’s a big building. Any amount of repairs will come at a fair price tag, just because of the size of the building,” said Kurt Heidenreich, president of Engineering Resources, a local structural consultant on the project. “It’s specialty work, too. It’s historic preservation, not just masonry repairs.”"