Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wiz Kids' Parent Club To Be In Decisive Game

Another amazing day to magical season
Padres, Rockies face off Monday in NL playoff game

"This was the only way the magical 2007 Major League Baseball regular season could end, really. A year that has given us seemingly every major milestone possible, electric individual performances and classic pennant races now comes down to game No. 163, between San Diego and Colorado, at 7:37 p.m. ET Monday at Colorado's Coors Field."

"Jake Peavy, the frontrunner for the NL's Cy Young Award, will start this game for the Padres. He will be facing the hottest offense in baseball, and indeed the Rockies' only loss in their past 14 games came at the hands of the reigning Cy Young winner, Arizona's Brandon Webb on Friday night."

"Fans can see Monday's game live on TBS or live over their computers with MLB.TV. It will be "bonus baseball," which seems only fitting for fans who helped set another overall attendance record in addition to wrecking overall traffic and ticketing records at and the 30 official team sites."

"Josh Fogg will start game No. 163 against the Padres. He is 1-1 against them this season, and has won some big games, including one at New York and one at Los Angeles during this sizzling Rockies run. Peavy is typically tough for the Rockies to beat. Colorado is 61-52 all-time at home against San Diego, and 5-4 against the Padres in 2007. Now it comes down to one more game -- with no scoreboard-watching this time, no other clubs to possibly get in your way except the one on the field."