Monday, October 15, 2007

Defining Invent's Impact

Have group's trips had an impact here?

"In the last three years, Invent Tomorrow has organized trips to three cities that turned around their downtowns. Now Executive Director Cheri Becker said it may be time to bring lessons about revitalization to the community at large."

"Becker points to the new restaurant downtown, J.K. O’Donnell’s, 121 W. Wayne St., as an example of a business directly inspired by one of these trips to other cities. More broadly, seeing revived downtowns helps “build ambassadors for change,” she said."

"Those veterans of trips to cities with vibrant downtowns may have influenced much else going on in Fort Wayne, she said, from widening sidewalks to designing new streetscapes to encouraging the North River Task Force to aim high in planning how OmniSource’s land downtown could be used."


ROACH said...

I heard Las Vegas has a vibrant downtown! wonder if we will hear a peep?