Thursday, October 4, 2007

DFWB Poll Results

Here are the results to our recent simply stated and completely unscientific poll.

Are you interested in living downtown?

Yes - 35 votes (81%)

No - 8 votes (18%)

Feel free to expound upon your vote and explain why you are interested in downtown or why you have no interest.

What factors into your decision? Are recent developments a consideration or have you felt the way you do for a while now?

A new poll has been added asking the question "What is keeping you from moving downtown right now?"


John B. Kalb said...

I answered "other". My reason is that, although I am a baseball fan, I cannot envision living "in" a baseball stadium - guess we will have to wait for the "possible" phase 3. John B. Kalb

Old Fort 83 said...

Already live there, but would like more/better options. I worry that HS will be overpriced.