Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Frighteningly Good Event


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Downtown Fright Night

Your day of terror begins at the Downtown Library plaza for the Three Rivers Festival Coffin Races down Wayne Street. Be thrilled at the costume parade and Halloween activities at the Grand Wayne Center by WAJI. Get chills from the ARCH haunted bus and walking tours with ghost stories by the Fort Wayne library in the Indiana Hotel. Finally, be amazed at the old-time daring-do of “The Black Pirate,” a classic silent film at the Embassy accompanied by the historic Grande Page Pipe Organ.

There’s a little terror and haunting experience for every age group at the Downtown Fright Night. Admission is free for most events. Don’t miss it on October 27, 2007 at 5:00!"

Downtown Fight Night Schedule

3:30-6:00 — Band at the Main Library Plaza

4:00-6:00 — Three River Coffin Race presented by Ultra-Zone

5:00-10:30 — Haunted Bus/Walking Tours

5:00-10:00 — Library Storytelling at the Indiana Hotel

5:30-7:00 — Grand Wayne Center, WAJI & Science Central costume-related activities

7:00-7:30 — Dick Stoner Magic Show at the Embassy

7:30-9:00 — “The Black Pirate” at the Embassy

9:30-11:00 — “Rocky Horror Picture Show” at the Main Library Plaza

DID Fright Night stories:

The walking dead have taken over Downtown Fort Wayne
Ultrazone Coffin Race
The Black Pirate
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Haunted Bus & Walking Tours

City shivers with scary fun
Fright Night brings coffin race, ghostly tales, films downtown
The scariest thing about Downtown Fright Night might be that one of the guys who helped come up with it, Downtown Improvement District director Dan Carmody, is leaving town.

But this is not the place for such musings.

Downtown Fright Night, happening Saturday, might be Fort Wayne’s first Halloween-related citywide festival since our pagan forbears worshipped Pomona, goddess of fruit.