Wednesday, November 28, 2007

301 West Jefferson Boulevard

Included below are the latest renderings of the condos at Harrison Square. Enjoy.

August 2nd Harrison Square Open House


Scott Greider said...

Hmmm... Looking a little more developed but a little more conservative, also. I was hoping it'd go the opposite direction. It's perfectly "safe", to be sure, but safe is the last thing FW needs.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing DC per se, just the factors that resulted in this design. I wish FW was a place that could/would support progressive design. I wish is for the stadium, for the hotel, and for the condos.

Scott B. said...

I agree with Scott. They went a little too conservative in this rendering. I also do not like how the light pole for the stadium is not incorporated into the building. Those polls are ugly and the more they can be hidden, the better.

scott spaulding said...

I agree with Scott and Scott.

We should form the Council of Scotts or something.

Change Fort Wayne said...

I agree about the polls, I think I'd be a little ticked off if I paid a premium for the diamond side, and got a view of a huge light poll.

Also, two huge noticeable changes from the handouts at the open house-

The rooftop mezzanine common area, is now integrated in the fourth floor, it will be interesting to see if they add common area or if condos are next to this area. It also appears that this area is going to be much smaller.

Also, it also appears uniqueness of some of the condos, by eliminating the second floors/mezzanines for top floor condos.

questionable choices, I think.

Joe said...

Much more "plain" design. Why did they change? Balconies look smaller, maybe only room for 1 or 2 people to comfortably stand? Having a gathering of people out on a balcony no longer looks like a possibility. Is it just me or does the new design of the condos make it look eerily similar to the latest design of the Courtyard? And for God's sake get that light pole out of there from in front of the building and have it placed on top of the condos. I'm kind of disappointed... now it just looks like a brick rectangle.

Scott B. said...

I spoke Kelly Shields, one of the designers, and he stated that the polls were removed from the building because they would put too much stress on the building because of weight and sway.

He also stated, unless I misheard, that the building is going to be wood framed instead of steel. Has anyone else heard that or am I mistaken?

Joe said...

Not quite sure if this is a similar comparison, but I'm going to put it out there anyway. At Wrigley, you've got the bleachers on top of the buildings that seat MANY people. Now I don't know how much a bank of one of these lights weighs compared to the people on top of those buildings but it might be worth a might be gettin the runaround on that whole "weight and sway" thing. I think the building could definitely be designed to hold a bank of lights on it.

Anonymous said...

They definitely seem to be scaling back. Why? Weren't the earlier designs predicated on the same amount of money that they're dealing with now? If I was looking to put down 150-300K I'd be Really disappointed.

I know, I know, this always happens. Look at the first designs for Midtown Crossing and what we ended up with. Look at the original double glass tower plan for Summit Sq. and what we ended up with. Look at the original plans for the multi-building Performing Arts Center and what we ended up with. It's always about money, but again, the amount of money for the condos supposedly hasn't changed in the past few weeks - has it? Depressing to see this.