Friday, November 2, 2007

Candidates On Parking

Parking fines leave a void in city coffers
Mayoral hopefuls debate collecting unpaid $327,000
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"The candidates also differed in how they would handle downtown parking.

Henry said he supports increasing fines for people who park illegally downtown, saying the $5 fee is cheaper than the daily rate at several downtown lots.

“I know they’re way low,” he said. “That’s the reason people abuse it.”

A parking study by Carl Walker Inc., of Kalamazoo, Mich., for the city recommended implementing a tiered fine structure in which first-time offenders would receive a warning citation, but those who consistently park illegally could be fined $50 or $75.

Kelty, however, said parking fines should not be changed. Instead, he favored ripping out all the downtown meters and offering free parking for one hour. He said parking enforcement officers could chalk tires to ensure people don’t abuse the spots.

“We’re trying to make our downtown more user-friendly,” he said. “I think the way we force people to pay for parking on the curb at meters and fine people discourages them from coming downtown.”"
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Kenny said...

I remember as a child going to Cunningham Optical downtown for eye exams. We would have to leave early so we could be sure to find a place to park. If not close, we could park elsewhere and have time to walk. The first time I clearly saw the top of the Lincoln tower with my new glasses was when we were walking back to the car which was parked a few blocks away.

Today, when my family goes to Longe, we leave a few minutes before the appointment. Parking is a non-issue. At Glenbrook Mall, parking is a non-issue. At the Memorial Coliseum, parking is an non-issue.

Unless there is a plan to raze and pave 5 acres of neighborhoods and business directly adjacent to Harrison Square, parking is going to be an issue. Downtown was structured not automobiles but for foot traffic.

On this one Kelty is thinking like a modern father, husband and businessman. Henry is thinking like...what has always been, I guess.

Also interesting, Henry's solution effectively increases the cost to the taxpayer. And why are we paying a Kalamazoo Michigan company? I'm sure we could have surveyed the parking lot attendants downtown and gotten the same advice for free. ;)

Scott said...

Ah Kenny, clearly you have not read anything about this issue in the past 10 months or so. There is more parking around Harrison Square than in the same distance as Memorial Stadium. But heaven forbid, the fat people of Indiana actually walk for once.

Also Kelty said nothing about making it more accommodating by allowing you to park as close to a building as you can is suburbia.

R. Mike said...

Enjoy your parking lot lifestyle, Kenny.

Speakeasyhoosier said...

I've read it and I know downtown. You're referring to on-street parking, parking garages and parking lots at night. During the day, all bets are off. I've worked downtown and I've also been in "downtowns" in other cities. Kelty has also and I agree with his assessment on overall parking. As for Harrison Square, Isn't “trying to make our downtown more user-friendly” at the heart of the project?

There are a lot of good intentions about parking around HS but convenience and safety are huge concerns.

I hate trying to park downtown. I'm never sure where to park, what garages or lots are ok, or how much they will cost. You should have learned in Marketing 101 that a confused or uncertain mind always says "no!"

It's more convenient and much safer going to a Komet game at night with my family than to an event at the Embassy at night with my family. I went to a Cincinnati Reds game a few years ago and they made it stupid simple to find parking.

I'm not trying to be negative or compare apples to oranges, I just want to know, as a potential patron, how is HS planning to provide the same security and convenience as a trip to Memorial Stadium?

Thanks for your feedback and thanks for this Blog

Scott said...

Here are the problems with your argument. First, there will not be any games during the day, so parking will not be an issue.

Secondly, you are making a false choice between safety and economic development downtown. This by the way makes it a fallacious argument.

I have never, ever, ever found it hard to find parking downtown at any time of the day. But you have to be willing to walk a little. Even for the Embassy you can park 1 block away at the garage across from the Hilton.

Also why is cost an issue? You now pay 4 dollars to park at MS for a game. 4 dollars gets you almost half a day parking downtown.

Finally you comment about street parking just goes to show that people in this town are unwilling to park anywhere if they can't park at the door.

And since you have a hard time finding parking let me tell you where it is. For HS you can park at the new garage, at the Hilton garage or if you can stand to walk 4 or 5 blocks, you can park in the Wells Fargo garage.

Man I tell you, it must be tough finding a place to park. Unless you are trying to find a place to park for free.