Friday, November 2, 2007

A Cultural Investment

Museum begins $7.5M campaign
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"Although the Fort Wayne Museum of Art's Web site only hints at a new capital campaign, the museum's executive director, Charles A. Shepard III, confirmed Thursday that one is quietly under way.

The museum is in the “quiet phase” of fundraising right now, Shepard said, approaching foundations for financial support before announcing the campaign publicly.

More than a year ago the museum board approved a capital campaign of $7.5 million, Shepard said, with $5.5 million going toward expanding and renovating the building and $2 million to expand the collection.
Shepard said aside from a $2 million capital campaign several years ago to improve the museum's educational resources, it hasn't mounted a substantial campaign for 25 years, when the new museum was built at 311 E. Main St.

Tentative plans call for expanding the museum to the north or to the back of the existing building, “trying to do something intelligent on that small postage stamp of land,” Shepard said."