Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Indiana Hotel To Be Renovated In Exchange For Skybridge

Harrison Square Sky Bridge gets Go-Ahead
Link (INC)

"Indiana's NewsCenter has learned of a breakthrough for the construction of an enclosed sky bridge linking the Harrison Square project with the Indiana Hotel and subsequently the Grand Wayne Center.

Some have opposed the idea of a sky bridge because it require punching a hole in the side of the once proud hotel.

Hotel developers have agreed to renovate the top three floors of the historic building in exchange for having the sky bridge."

Deal nears for Harrison Square walkway
Fort Wayne OK expected Monday
Link (JG)

"The city of Fort Wayne plans to complete a deal surrounding Harrison Square’s much debated walkway Monday.

The Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission will be asked to approve the walkway agreement at its meeting, said Greg Leatherman, director of redevelopment.

Details of the agreement, including cost and scope will be released at that time, Leatherman said."
"Leatherman said the agreements are still being completed and signed, and he said there was some fine-tuning left to do. But he said it would be “very unlikely” that the deal wasn’t ready for the Monday meeting.

“We are extremely confident everything will be in place Monday at 4 p.m.,” he said."

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J Q Taxpayer said...

I also understand there is some private money coming forth also.