Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Square Supporters Take Elections

The Fort Wayne City elections resulted in a majority of Harrison Square supporters being elected to lead the second largest city in the state of Indiana.

Of the 10 electable positions (not including the clerk, sorry Sandy), 7 were noted Harrison Square supporters:

Tom Henry

Marty Bender
Liz Brown

Tom Didier
Glynn Hines
Karen Goldner
Tim Pape

Congratulations to Karen Goldner especially, who served on the same Redevelopment Commission that played a part in approving Harrison Square and for defeating a 36 year Republican incumbent.


Anonymous said...

Kalb, you really showed them. Boy you sent a message to Pape (64%) and Didier (62%). Top AT-Large vote getter supports Harrison Square and one vocal anti-harrison square member was was defeated.... by a member of the redevelopment commission no less!

Maybe you can hang your hat on Shoaff finishing second and Crawford losing by 92 votes and call it a success.

Anonymous said...

I KNEW there was a lot more support out there for HS than a lot of politicians and others were saying.
Obviously, there are opponents, but there really are a lot of proponents too. Especially the under-40 crowd - the future of the city. And they are really excited by the possibilities of HS. Good job voters!


Joe said...

I know Ft. Wayne smokers were out to send a message, most of them probably voted for Bender because of his opposition to the smoking ban. But little did they realize he's a proponent of the HS project.

Joe said...

Also, I expected this mayoral race to be a bit closer...Kelty basically decided that his platform would be to just agree with everything he thought people in FW wanted, without ever mentioning any risks, or "against the grain" ideas which I think is a trait a mayor should have. In the end Henry still destroyed him, obviously the indictments and abandonment of many key local republicans was too much.

Chris said...

So much for the so called "referendum" on the proponents of HS in the council. Maybe the opponents of the project will move on now, although i have my doubts.

Anonymous said...

As long as Goldner doesn't help to overturn the smoking ban, she's OK with me.

Joe said...

Agree with that Chris. If such a high percentage of Ft. Wayners were so against the HS project like many claim, they sure didn't come out on election day. November 6th was their chance for a referendum...