Monday, November 26, 2007

Walkway Day

As reported November 20th, the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission will meet today at 4PM in Room 810 of the City County Building to discuss Resolution 2007-90:

"Approving the execution of a Capital Improvement and Access Agreement with the Embassy Theatre Foundation, Inc."

A meeting of arguably equal importance that was not mentioned in previous media coverage is that of the Historic Preservation Review Board which is scheduled to have its monthly meeting today at 5:30PM in the OMNI room on the 2nd floor of the City County building.

As DFWB understands it, the Historic Preservation Review Board must also give its blessing for the proposed walkway between the historic Indiana Hotel and the new Courtyard by Marriott at Harrison Square.

Update: The Historic Preservation Review Board will be meeting today and they will be discussing the walkway as part of their agenda.


Rachel said...

As always, I will be looking to DFWB for the latest and greatest coverage of all things Harrison Square related.

Joe said...

What happens if Historic Preservation board does not give it's blessing?