Thursday, November 22, 2007

Walkway Press

Walkway Harrison's next step
$1.8 million price includes Indiana Hotel redo: Source
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"An anonymous source close to the redevelopment commission said that the pedestrian bridge plus other ancillary work is estimated to cost $1.8 million. The source said the city will be responsible for up to $1 million of the costs but did not know who would cover the remaining $800,000.

The source said the deal also includes renovations to the Indiana Hotel above Embassy Theatre. Those costs will not be borne by the city and could be included in the $1.8 million total, as the bridge costs were close to $1 million, according to the source. The walkway will lead patrons through part of the old hotel. The city originally budgeted $1 million for the walkway."

Approval close on walkway for hotel
It's planned to link a new hotel with the Embassy Theatre
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"Greg Leatherman, the city’s deputy director of community development, expects the Redevelopment Commission on Monday to approve the construction of a $1 million walkway linking the new 250-room, $35 million Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, a key component of Harrison Square, with the Embassy Theatre and historic Indiana Hotel.

Lack of access has prevented the Indiana Hotel, which hosted its last boarders 30 years ago, from being renovated and used because its configuration does not meet current fire codes.

“More accessibility is necessary legally for development to occur,” Leatherman said."
"Leatherman said the deal would include several incentives in exchange for the Embassy’s willingness to give up most of its third floor for a walkway that would allow visitors to travel indoors from the new hotel at Harrison Street and Jefferson Boulevard, across Harrison though the Indiana Hotel, to the Grand Wayne Convention Center — which is linked to the Embassy by another walkway over Jefferson.

As The News-Sentinel reported in September, a small park south of the theater would be redesigned to accommodate the large trucks touring shows often use to carry equipment, costumes, sets and other items. A second stairway and new hotel shafts could be added as well, to bring the 80-year-old building up to code, reducing the cost of redeveloping the remaining four floors.

Leatherman has previously said the improvements could be funded through a downtown improvement bond already issued or funds already set aside for infrastructure needed for the new hotel. He declined to confirm that Wednesday.

The walkway’s final design must be approved by the Embassy board and the city’s Historic Preservation Review Board."


Joe said...

Today being Thanksgiving, just thought I'd drop in and say I'm thankful for the Harrison Square project :)