Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Audible Blogosphere

Below you can enjoy part 1 of Northeast Indiana Public Radio's multi-part piece on the local Fort Wayne blogosphere, put together by Don Clemmer of WBOI's New Generation Radio.

The segment features audio snips from local bloggers Robert Rouse, Rachel Blakeman, Mitch Harper, and Mike Sylvester.

Blogs mentioned in the segment include DFWB, Tinnel Vision, Left in Aboite, Blog of the Enders, Berry Street Beacon, Ad Fontes, Change Fort Wayne, The Centerline, Edge of Gloria, and Creative Mind of Carbo.

After pressing play, allow some time for the audio to load. Enjoy!

Part 2 below features Jeff Pruitt, Mike Sylvester, Dan Turkette, Robert Rouse, and Mitch Harper.