Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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Parking a disaster without meters

"Regarding the letter by Paul DeWitt, “Parking meters hurt downtown” (Dec. 14): This is a message to DeWitt, who would have parking meters removed from downtown Fort Wayne.

If there were no parking meters, you would never find a place to park at the curb; all available spaces would be filled by people who work downtown or stay for hours in an eatery or theater. I know this because I lived in this city during the pre-meter days and remember well driving around and around and ending up five or six blocks from my destination.

Might I suggest that DeWitt continue to patronize the downtown restaurants – they need the business – but perhaps he should take a small timer to jog his memory about the parking meter or, better yet, confine his dining time to an hour and give that precious parking spot to someone else."