Sunday, December 30, 2007

Local Opinion

Add riverboat casino to Harrison Square
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"What should be done by our leaders in Fort Wayne is pursue bringing the boat to this city. Putting it on the St. Marys near downtown and using the OmniSource property as a parking area would enhance our city. This, with Harrison Square, would attract conventions and overnight visitors to the downtown area as well as keep the money here for our use.

We load buses here every day going to various casinos such as Blue Chip, Four Winds, Greektown, Mount Pleasant, Argosy, French Lick Resorts and Horseshoe. Fort Wayne has gamblers, and we will get to the casinos by bus, plane or car. I don’t believe, as our leaders do, that locating a boat here would increase more gambling; if we want to gamble, we will get there.

Having jobs is important, and the casino will have many jobs available. People visiting a casino eat there or around there, stay in their hotels or other hotels, and they shop in the area.

We must stop thinking in the past and look into the future and grasp the opportunities that are in front of us. Let us vote on this and not do as we did for Harrison Square, and do what the people want. I will guarantee you there will be more convention interest and visitor interest if we would add a casino downtown with Harrison Square. Go after the boat because we have more to offer and gain than Steuben County."


Meliorate said...

I've always been in favor of a casino and what continues to convince me that it would be a good idea is indeed the bus loads of people that leave Fort Wayne on a regular basis to go visit one in another city.

Joe (