Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sheets Likely To Build Parking Deck

City's bids for garage lower than estimates
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"The redevelopment commission opened bids from three companies Friday, all from Fort Wayne. W.A. Sheets was the apparent low bidder, with a price of $12.5 million for the parking garage base bid and the construction of the conference center on the garage. Weigand Construction and Hagerman were the two other bidders.

The company’s bid is about $900,000 less than the city’s estimate for the project. Greg Leatherman, city redevelopment director, said the low bid will allow the city to choose from numerous alternative projects to give the garage the best look possible."
City takes parking garage bids
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"All three bidders were long-established local general contractors. W.A. Sheets and Sons Inc. submitted a base bid of $12,099,000. Hagerman Construction Corp. bid $12,482,000, and Weigand Construction $12,591,000. Members of the city’s Redevelopment Commission opened and recorded the bids without commenting on them, and the meeting lasted only about 15 minutes.

Along with the base bid, each of the three bidders provided several alternative additions or deletions, covering items such as facing materials for walls and additional rooms in the parking garage."
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