Friday, December 28, 2007

"They Should Know The Results"

Release environmental studies
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"City residents paid nearly $50,000 for a consultant to study the extent of contamination at a key near-downtown site long pegged for a major development. City officials have no good reason to conceal the results of those environmental studies from the people who paid for them."
"The city refuses to release the results of the environmental studies, writing that state open records law allows the city to keep secret information “created for economic development commissions who are engaged in negotiations with a commercial prospect and are expressions of opinion communicated for the purpose of decision making.”

While the studies may technically fit that definition, withholding the information hurts citizens – and officials pursuing a purchase of the property – much more than releasing it."
"Involving the public at each step should include informing citizens about the extent of contamination and should help build support for the project. Withholding information only breeds distrust.

Fort Wayne citizens paid for the studies; they should know the results."