Thursday, December 6, 2007

Two-Thirds Reserved For Harrison Square Condos

The reservations for condos at The Harrison on the site of the Harrison Square project have reached a two-thirds take rate since becoming available to the public last Friday.

Harrison Square Condos Continue to Garner Big Interest
Link (INC)

"Prospective buyers of those Harrison Square condominiums continue to open up their wallets in a first step towards getting the units sold.

Martin Goldstine Knapke, the real estate firm marketing the condos, says it now has one-thousand dollar reservations placed on 41 of the 62 units being built in connection with the new downtown baseball stadium project.

The company claims that the higher priced two and three bedroom suites on the upper floors are grabbing more interest.

Mike Brita with Martin Goldstine Knapke says almost everybody is favoring units facing the stadium.

Mike Brita/Condo Sales Manager: " When we will call them back, they will actually pick their unit then, but if everybody stands true to what they wrote down on their reservation, the ballpark side is probably gone."

The highest priced units in the condo development will cost around 350-thousand dollars."


Scott Greider said...

That's pretty good even by NYC or LV or Miami Beach standards! Of course, it's a tiny deposit, and it's fully refundable, but still...

Pat said...


I agree with you regarding the concern about the tiny deposit and being fully refundable. To make this project work so as not to negatively impact the ballpark or hotel, maybe the developer/broker should advise the 41 condo "reservers" that they have 30 days to think long and hard if they are seriously interested in buying a condo, and if they are, then they can prove it buy being required to sign a binding sales agreement with at least a $2,500 non-refundable earnest deposit. They should also be asked to either provide tax returns and allow credit reports to be obtained or a pre-qualification approval from their mortgage lender of choice. That way, this project is not hurt and delayed by idiots who are not really serious. They are taking the best (ballpark side) units off the market with these soft non-binding reservations.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about FW is comparable to NYC, LV, Miami or any other REAL city. Also minor league ball games in the Fort are less entertaining than an episode of American Gladiators. The real talent in that town can be found scattered around various strip clubs. I would recommend turning the new stadium into some sort of "gladiator" arena for strippers from rival clubs to have strip battles, or strip offs, or whatever the marquee would read for an event like that.