Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day Of Meetings

Redevelopment Commission
Public Hearing

Those speaking in favor / against the proposed lease by the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission of approximately 2.65 acres of real estate owned by the Norfolk Southern Corporation, generally described as east of Fairfield Avenue and south of Baker Street, all in the City of Fort Wayne, Wayne Township, Indiana. The purpose of the lease (approximately 18 month term) is to provide a staging area and equipment parking area for the Harrison Square Mixed Use Development Project.
Immediately Following
Redevelopment Commission
Special Meeting
Resolution 2008-03 Allowing the designation of property as an Economic Revitalization Area for B. S. Fort Wayne I, LLC in the Jefferson Illinois Economic Development Area
Resolution 2008-05 Approving a proposed lease between Norfolk Southern Corporation, as Lessor, and the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission, as Lessee, for land adjacent to the Jefferson Illinois Road Economic Development Area, as Amended, and ratifying the Public Hearing on the proposed lease pursuant to IC 36-7-14-25.2 and Ratifying the publication of Notice of the Public Hearing
Resolution 2008-08 Approving an increase in the budget for the Calhoun Street Improvements project
Resolution 2008-09 Approving a contract with AVANT Group for site investigation of soils located in Headwaters Park, specifically at the site of the former Hubcap Express
Board of Zoning Appeals
Public Hearing
Case No.: 3-2008
Location: 1427 Broadway
Appeal: Special use to allow location of a communications tower in a CM3/R3 district.
Case No.: 5-2008
Location: 918 VanBuren Street
Appeal: Variances of development standards for reduction of minimum lot area, rear yard setback, side yard setback, front yard setback, and to reduce the number of required on-site parking spaces from 1 to 0 in an R3 district; use variance to allow an existing historic structure to be used as a museum exhibit, community monument, and interpretive center.
Case No.: 6-2008
Location: 802-804 W. Washington Blvd.
Appeal: Variance of development standards to reduce the required number of off-street parking spaces from 5 to 4 in an R3 district.