Friday, January 25, 2008

Harrison Square Set To Expand

More Harrison Square Condos Coming?
Link (WANE)

""Right now, 56 are reserved," said Mike Brita of Martin Goldstine Knapke. Those reservations should turn into contracts next week, and that's when an expansion announcement could come.

"There is room around Harrison square to keep going," said Brita."


"Living downtown appears to be attractive and marketable to people. Take for example The Midtown Crossing Condominiums. It was nothing more than an idea more than 20 years ago. Now, it's virtually full, and it's hoped that energy will spill over to The Harrison.

"We love being able to walk everywhere! we love the restaurants and all the activities downtown," said Midtown resident Judy Mahoney.

Mahoney says she's is looking forward to the stores Harrison Square could bring. Developer CB Richard Ellis is in charge of that, and says it's talking to dozens of tenants

"Many are recognizing this as a very unique project that they rarely come across, which is helping gain the attention of some great potential tenants," said Brad Sturges.

Those tenants include night clubs, to high end restaurants, and convenience stores... but none of the names of those tenants will be announced until a contract has been signed."


bud said...

Good. I'm glad that everything at the "Harrison" is wildly successful. Our Atlanta developers should make out like bandits and our downtown will be enhanced.

Since there is universal agreement that demand is swamping the available supply of Harrison condos, can we also agree that there is no need for the additional phases of high-end housing to recieve subsidies in the form of 3 million in contributed land and site prep, 2 million in street widening/improvements, 5 million in state tax credits and 10 years of property tax abatement for a 17.5 million mixed use development?

Will those who disagree please provide some justification of this level of subsidy for those who can and want to pay $200 per square foot for their housing?

John B. Kalb said...

Bud - You are dreaming! You know that it's not "survival of the fittest", but survival of the one who can dip deepest into the taxpayer's pockets. Witness - Chrysler, the Savings and Loan mess, and now - the planning to give away of our grandchildren's tax dollars for a political-only, vote-buying scheme of "returning" tax dollars to those that did't pay any taxes! It's one boondoggle after another!

Besides, Bud, (and I quote) "It's not really costing you anything it's TIF funds" This is 2008 "newspeak". John B. Kalb

barranda said...

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Paul said...

Man, I love Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

Or was that the Clayton-Thomas version?