Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mayor Henry To Buy Harrison Square Condo

DFWB has learned that newly elected Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry will be purchasing a condominium at The Harrison, on the site of the Harrison Square downtown redevelopment project.

Also, the OxBlue camera overlooking the Harrison Square site has been running into issues with the RF antennas that sit nearby and which are causing problems with the camera's cellular connection. The camera will soon be hard wired in order to alleviate the problem.

Afternoon Update

Read the press release by clicking the image below:

Seven units are said to be remaining amongst units at The Harrison, with contracts being written up next week. To date no interested party has backed out of their commitment.

Concrete pouring at Harrison Square will commence soon and bid packages for the remainder of the work will be done by March.


Mayor Henry Puts Money Where His Mouth is in Support of Harrison Square Project
Link (INC)
"Tom Henry made a public show of support Wednesday for the housing component of Harrison Square.

The mayor didn't actually buy one of the 62 luxury units up for sale, but he did the next best thing.

Henry handed over a check for one thousand dollars to reserve a shot at purchasing one of the condos.

The money is simply a reservation fee, fully refundable if Mayor Henry and his wife Cindy decide later not to sign on the dotted line and take ownership."


"Deputy Mayor Mark Becker says a lot of contractors are hungry for work, and as a result, the work is coming in under bid, which could save taxpayers money, or could allow some nicer amenities to be added to the baseball stadium, hotel, condos and retail components."
The Harrison may be home to the Henrys
Mayor, wife put deposit on condo for smaller home
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"The mayor said he was especially intrigued with the ability to barbecue on the roof while watching the Fort Wayne Wizards play – along with no longer having to mow the lawn."


"Henry said he and his wife will decide over the next several weeks whether the condo is where they will live. Cindy Henry said that as empty-nesters it makes sense to move somewhere smaller, and she hopes to be a part of a revitalized downtown.

“I would be excited to live there,” she said."
Henrys put deposit on condo
Mayor, wife are 55th to reserve one of 62 at Harrison Square
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"Buy a condo downtown, and one day you could be grilling hot dogs on The Harrison’s rooftop deck next to Mayor Tom Henry.

Henry and his wife, Cindy, reserved a Harrison Square condo Wednesday with a $1,000 check to Bill Martin of Martin Goldstine Knapke, the real estate firm selling the condos in the city’s $125-million-to-$160-million downtown revitalization project. The Henrys’ reservation — which is nonbinding — means 55 of 62 condos have now been spoken for."


"Brita said Martin Goldstine Knapke is a week away from completing a model of the condo’s kitchen and living room at its office, 2020 E. Washington Blvd."


C Ford said...

(Sarcasm On) Sounds like another reason for that new cell-tower to dominate the residential landscape! (Sarcasm Off)