Monday, January 21, 2008

NS Online Poll: 74% Will Go

Link (NS)

Question: Are you likely to attend a baseball game at Harrison Square?

Yes. I'll probably be a regular. - 41%
Yes. I'll go occasionally. - 33%

No. It just doesn't interest me. - 12%
No. The downtown location is a problem. - 13%

The results are in for the News-Sentinel's poll regarding attendance at Harrison Square.

Follow the link to read the comments submitted along with the poll, but do it soon because when the next poll is done the current results will be replaced.

It's important to remember that the poll is not scientific and is susceptible to vote tampering. Read the comments included in the poll to get a feel for public opinion.


boileraae said...

I've never commented on a blog before, but couldn't help myself when I read this comment that was against Harrison Square:
"Who in their right mind is going to submit themselves to all that traffic then pay some joker to park their car? Also who wants to get shot at? No thanks, I'll stay away from that neck of the woods.!!!"
Surely they are talking about that traffic jam known as Coliseum Blvd. and the $4 charge to park in the lot right next to the current stadium?? Not.

I also found this one amusing:
Only if I can get free tickets from work and am able to find a place to park within a mile of the stadium.
This anti-Harrison Square person is at least willing to hoof it. Apparently they are OK with parking at Lawton Park, Sweeney Park, or even Reservoir Park!

It's obvious that the city needs to do A LOT of work on parking downtown. Posting a PDF on the visitor's center website is not going to cut it. They need large, easy to read signs with clear parking rates. I go downtown a lot, I've looked at the maps, and I still am not clear where I am "allowed" to park, especially during the day when downtown businesses are using many of the lots.

There is no excuse for Fort Wayne to have unclear parking signage. While they are at it.... they can update meter signage to reflect that you don't have to pay after 5 or on weekends/holidays.

Scott B. said...

The anti-Harrison Square comments have to be the most ridiculous and uninformed things I have heard about this project.

I especially take issue with downtown being an unsafe place. These people make it sound like just stepping outside your car downtown, will get you murdered. They must think guns are going off all the time and every building is just riddled with bullet holes.

In the fall I and a few friends walked from JKO's to the future site of HS at 10pm. We didn't even see a soul, let alone hear the constant gun shots.

John B. Kalb said...

So 301 say they will attend - hey, that's about the same number that really pay to see most Wizards games at Memorial. And that's about $100,000 X 300 = the $30 million. WHAT A DEAL!!!
John B. Kalb