Friday, February 22, 2008

Open House Press

New Wizards stadium will have more club seats
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" The number of club seats — an area that, along with the suites, is connected to a special lounge not accessible to other fans — will increase from just under 100 to about 137, Hardball CEO Jason Freier said. Instead of two rows of club seats, there now are three.

The size of the suite lounge also was increased to accommodate the additional club seats, according to updated plans Freier was expected to unveil at an open house Feb. 21."


"Real-estate representatives continue to talk with prospective tenants about moving into the retail space, Freier said. He said based on space requirements given by those interested, there likely will be four or five tenants in the 25,000 square feet designated for retail. He said interest has been in 4,000- and 5,000-square-foot spaces.

A naming-rights deal for the stadium remains in the works, though it’s not a priority at the moment and it’s still early on in the process, Freier said.

Season ticket sales for the 2009 season already have more than doubled the number of season tickets sold in 2007, said Wizards General Manager Mike Nutter. Only full-season ticket plans are available for the 2009 season.

Nutter said 2008 ticket sales also have surpassed 2007 levels. It marks the first time in his eight-year career with the Wizards that season ticket sales have increased significantly from the previous year. He is expecting a 10-percent increase in ticket sales over last year."
Ballpark's seats get a test drive
At Harrison Square update, fans handle stadium bricks
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"Unlike the last public event, attendees did not press city officials and developers on the merits of the project. Instead, the crowd appeared generally supportive of moving the Fort Wayne Wizards downtown and wanted to get a glimpse of the future."


"[Dick Reddemann, 65, of Fort Wayne] said while he likely can’t afford the new condominiums, despite longing for one, he is looking at other downtown housing options to be closer to the project."


J Q Taxpayer said...

I think even those who where against Harrison Square have mostly shifted to the point of hoping it makes it. They would be delighted the project "breaks even!"

It is like your youn adult child buying a sports care that could cause speeding issues and also strain his income. You tell him such things but once he goes ahead and does it you hope like heck that none of the things you thought could happen do.

I think the baseball parking could still be a nightmare and everyone involved are going to have to be on their feet to make any changes made needed. The need for shuttle busses may be needed. Traffic directing police officers could help out after a game. Plus plenty of parking signs along the streets pointing to parking lots that have space for fans. Study how the major league teams do it.

If I had the money I would have a condo just outside the San Fran Giants ballpark but they go for about 3 million. So if I was inclined to buy one I would guess 300K for one here would be in line.