Friday, February 29, 2008

Poll Results

The results of our completely unscientific poll are in.

Keep in mind that respondents were able to make multiple choices.

What would you like to see occupy the first floor spaces of "The Harrison" condo building?

Casual restaurant
73 (62%)

71 (60%)

Small grocery store
58 (49%)

Coffee shop
49 (41%)

High-end restaurant
33 (28%)

31 (26%)

Wizards team shop
26 (22%)

Clothing retailer
24 (20%)

19 (16%)

Dry cleaner/Laundromat
18 (15%)

Barber shop
10 (8%)

Fitness center
8 (6%)

Liquor store
7 (5%)

Hardware store
6 (5%)

Total votes: 117


Steve Linsenmayer said...

Working downtown, I voted for things that would make life easier for myself during the day. Grocery, cleaners, restaurant, coffee shop.

John B. Kalb said...

Steve - Do you intend to take in a Wizards game on a regular basis when the new stadium is open? Your working downtown doesn't meet the intent of the new ballpark - it's supposed to bring hoards of people to The Harrison to use the shops. I also assume that you do not live near downtown. Are you looking into moving there in the next twwo years or so?
Just wondering. I also voted for the grocery and the dry cleaners.
John B. Kalb

barranda said...

Grocery is a no brainer. One with sandwich deli and salad bar would be ideal.

ROACH said...

how about a deja vu, so I can have a beer, a sandwich, and a pizza
oh- and a lapdance for lunch.
now i look forward to my mondays, fridays, amateurs tuesdays, and wednesdays, and thunder thursdays.
lunch specials.
you get the idea.
and will there be scantily clad wizard girls/bat girls at the games?
or how about a local womans baseball league of their own?