Monday, March 3, 2008

Art At The Core

Arts help rev up economy
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"[The arts] are a good investment. Urban renewal is just one area where the arts build on that investment. As we look at opportunities to develop downtown, the arts are central to a long-term plan for sustainable growth and activity. Facilities that anchor activity while providing mixed-use potential are the building blocks for future investment.

The arts have been one of the few areas outside of financial and business activities that have kept our too-quiet downtowns alive, and they are at the core of their rebirth. The arts play a vital role in the way our cities look and provide opportunities for public gathering and interaction.

During January 2007 more than 170,000 people attended an arts-related performance, class or activity in greater Fort Wayne, the majority of which happened downtown. Public art, creative industries and all of the peripheral relationships that are spawned because of these elements including retail, restaurants and downtown living all are interconnected and provide opportunities for progress and growth."


"While cost of living and infrastructure are important, there is also a strong case for locating creative people and their businesses in places where interesting things are happening. One is usually not present without the other. For years, quality of life has been the reason given when making the case for arts support. While that is important, look at successful downtown redevelopment and the ever-emerging economic engines in our new century. The arts are present in those successes. Simply put, the arts are not only beautiful, inspiring and creative – they are good business."